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Glasscraft is a 'must see' treat for glass lovers and collectors alike and it's very easy to find on Orangeville's Broadway or Grand Valley's Main St.

Canadian artist Bill Adler has spent a lifetime teaching his art while assembling this infinite collection of glass mania. From the smallest gifts to Bill's expertise in museum quality restoration, this is a one stop glass studio featuring:

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Classes in all forms of Glassworking

We are again continuing our popular one and two day workshops for you to hone your skills and to acquire new ones. You can learn to make your own sun catcher, a bevel in a two day session, etch mirror or glass, or learn to make your own glass beads on a Saturday. Most Saturday Workshops will be taught in Grand Valley.


Our copper foil course is a comprehensive series of classes for beginners covering all aspects of assembly, safety, glass cutting, history, design process, metals, chemicals, tool use, different available glasses, patination, home studio, set up, and installation or hanging of the finished work. Instruction for the first four classes proceeds at the rate of the slowest member in the class. Students will complete a practice piece and a flat panel that may be hung or installed. A tool kit is offered for purchase to continue the craft at home.


Our leading course covers history, technique, set up, assembly, soldering, and cementing. Particular attention is focused on safe use of lead came and reinforcing. Work sessions consist of a practice panel and a completed work that can be hung or installed. A logical continuation of the foil course.


This course covers many of the surface treatment methods glass artists have used to enhance the surface of glass. Each evening is devoted to a different technique and includes painting, staining, sandblasting, etching and glue chipping. Students will do sample pieces and a major project in the technique of their choice.


This course is a comprehensive introduction to kiln management, use of fiberfrax, compatibility testing, expansion coefficients, mold making, constables, separators, and torch work. Students will have an opportunity to produce some dichroic jewelry as well as some bead work using the torch. The major work will be a fused glass panel .


The lamp making course covers foiled, leaded and formed shades using the Odyssey, Worden and Rainbow systems of assembly. Topics covered include bent panel shades, designing your own shades, ladders, diameters and profiles as well as jigs and frames, cutting accuracy, glass organization, soldering and wiring.


This course introduces students to the tools and techniques of both acid etching and sandblasting of both mirrors and glass. Covered topics include safety, use of resist, purchased and hand cut stencils as well as a brief introduction to three dimensional carving.

Kilns are now in stock at Glasscraft direct from Spectrum. We recommend the Hot Start kiln. It has been designed for the glass artist with a fully automatic feature as well as the ability to be programmed with eight segments. It is as simple as hitting the popcorn button on your microwave. It runs on household current, contains a 13" shelf and has a 6.5" depth.

While we try to keep as much stock as space allows, it may occur that we have run out of that special colour or texture please allow us to check our other shop. If unavailable we will be pleased to order it in for you. There is no additional charge at Glasscraft for this service.

Cutting glass is one of the easiest skills to learn. Most untrained people that have tried to cut an old piece of glass have failed. Other than using correct technique you must be sure that the glass is perfectly clean otherwise the glasscutter will skip over the dirt and the break will run off the score line.


Learn to make silver jewelry using silver clay - a product that is as easy to use as ordinary clay. You will learn to make a mould, cast and fire a pendant in pure silver.

Take home a pair of earrings and matching pendant that you made from fused glass.

Build your own kaleidoscope in a one day session.

Learn both the direct and indirect mosaic techniques in a two day session and complete a step stone for your garden.

Learn how to etch glass and mirror. Create an etched ex 12" mirror to take home.

Create your own hand made glass bevels using our 19th C technology. A two day workshop.

Learn the basics of torch work using a propane and oxygen torch to create your own unique glass beads.

Learn the secrets and finer points of making your own stained glass jewelry box.

An introduction to the Morton system. A production system for cutting and assembling a snowflake design in an afternoon.

Learn to cut, foil and solder together a stained glass sun catcher in a Saturday afternoon.

Courses include four evenings of instruction plus as many evenings of studio time until your major project is completed. Studio nights are Friday evenings for completion of your project under our supervision. Workshops are one or two days in duration and offered at our Grand Valley location. Workshops in some instances require purchase of materials. Tools are always provided and available for purchase if desired. Instruction fee is not refundable and should be paid on registration to insure a seat. To provide individual attention classes do not exceed six students.


January 9th - Copper foil course
January 19th - Silver clay workshop
February 9th - Fusing workshop
February 23rd - Kaleidoscope workshop
March 6th - Copper foil course
March 16th & 23rd - Glass mosaic workshop
April 3rd - Copper foil course
April 13th - Etching workshop
April 27th - Fusing workshop
May 11th - Kaleidoscope workshop
May 25th - Fusing (jewellery) workshop
June 5th - Copper foil course
June 8th & 15th - Making bevels workshop
July 6th - Fusing (jewellery) workshop
July 20th - Lamp making workshop
August 10th - Glass bead making workshop
August 24th - Fusing (jewellery) workshop
September 4th - Copper foil course
September 7th - Jewellery box workshop
October 2nd - Copper foil course
October 12th - Snowflake workshop
November 9th - Copper foil workshop



January 10th - Copper foil course
February 7th - Lead came course
March 7th - Copper foil course
April 4th - Intro to advanced techniques
May 9th - Copper foil course
June 6th - Traditional painting
July 4th - Copper foil course
August 8th - Etching and sandblasting
September 5th - Copper foil course
October 10th - Copper foil course
November 7th - Warm glass course


Copper foil course: $295.00
or with Tool Kit: $195.00
All advanced courses: $350.00
Warm glass course: $395.00
One day workshops: $100.00
Two day workshops: $195.00

Maximum of six students form a class. Classes in Orangeville are on
Thursdays between 7:00pm and 10:00pm, and in Grand Valley on Wednesday afternoons between 1:00pm and 4:00pm.
Workshops in Grand Valley are on Saturdays and start at 11:00am.
Class fees are not refundable.
The beginners course includes use of all tools and the practice piece.
The Kit includes a glass grinder, a TC 10 oil cutter, a Hakko soldering iron, a Mika pattern shear, Glass Pro grozers, a Glass Pro runner and a Fid.